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Here, all the other required materials sent by the buyer to the manufacturer. ... types are more appropriate for some products and fabrics than others. Different terms related to garments costing are mentioned in the following: Yarn cost is an important matter in garments costing. I’m really excited about writing these RMG articles. We did everything on ink and pen with papers.Now everybody is getting from net like from your post. Mention different terms used in garments costing. Industrial single needle lock stitch machine (Taking, China) Sewing all types of … How to calculation CM in Garments industry ? As a garment merchandiser, you should explain your total discussion to the buyer in all possible ways by keeping those matters in your way. Thank U for Ur efforts. So, he must be careful below points during costing. c) Production pattern. A smart merchandiser calculates the production output that particular style. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s a helpful information about whole processing of RMG. During garments costing, there are a lot of garments costing terms that have come into consideration which are mentioned in this article.  He must analysis cost factors of a garment. How to calculate floor capacity in Garments Industry ? Product Item. A wash can change garments looks & move into a new product. Types of Samples in Garment Industry. A smart merchandiser need to more analysis about consumption. Buyer specification about the definite garments means direction about garments making, print, embroidery, wash, etc. Merchandiser (Costing) Perlei Textiles Pvt. During garments costing, the garment merchandiser added profit (%) here for the factory or buying a house with all the others cost. Finally, a smart merchandiser will investigate & best sourcing for this fabric. On the basis of cost of manufacturing including wages, operating expenses and transportation and freight charges, and profit margin of company, merchandiser claims the cost of unit garment. Costing is the system of computing cost of production or of running a business, by allocating expenditure to various stages of production or to different operations of a firm. FOB means “free onboard”. Overhead cost means the cost of each operator required to make a garment. A smart Merchandiser must know what type of shipment mode? Costs of production or service rendered differ from industry to industry. A smart merchandiser gets clear idea CM from SMV & related cost of a factory. A smart merchandiser need to more analysis about consumption. For this reason every renowned apparel organization has won, costing department, which help the merchandising … Firstly, A smart merchandiser analysis & will get accurate information from factory in the following factors. Costing system mainly describe how the cost of final product is fixed by the company or top management. The method of making costing will vary from style to style. He must to know below important factors for effective garments costing. What is the difference between Denim & Jeans ? The three basic categories of product costs are detailed below: The costing of garments varies depending on the process needed to make garments. Costing for the Fashion Industry. It’s a helpful information! Raw material process costing is already discussed above. Required fields are marked *. Costing: Costing is a very familiar word in Garments Industry and can be said as a heart of merchandising.It is also known as Cost sheet, Budget Sheet, BOM (Bill of Material) etc. He must takes responsibilities trims sourcing where are the best price. The overhead cost has a significant impact on garments costing. He must follow below garments testing parameter during costing stage. He should vast knowledge about washing process into garment. Now I would like to discuss about general costing process for an export order in the garment industry. Accurate yarn cost helps to earn maximum profit from a garment export order. Different types of industries require different methods of costing methods which suit to their industry. Seam length and the Apparel/Garments costing Methods for export order 1. This is one of the most common costing methodologies employed by manufacturing … If garments are made by avoiding unnecessary processes then it will be very effective for garments costing. Ltd., Tiruppur, India. A smart merchandiser must know how to add profit% into costing stage. The cost calculation in the textile industry … Wholesaler to viscous jacquard fabric and pollster weightless fabric . The following two tabs change content below. It might look easy to design a clothing line, sell it to retail stores and watch happy consumers buy everything you produce. Alternative factory develop (if support emergency). Absorption Costing: Under the ‘absorption costing system’ all fixed and variable … A smart merchandiser thinks how to utilize save money & maximum profit of a company. SMV varies garments to garments, style to style, factory to factory. thank you for your efforts. sir what the most important thing I have to know to be a merchandiser.in that field I want to establish myself. Mention various terms used in garment pricing. If you read this article attentively then you can easily answer the following questions in the interview: I want job in garment feild,can u help me? which is contained by garments specification sheet. Job costing is suitable to industries which manufacture or execute the work … Costing of a garment is a process of calculating and combining raw material costs, trims, packaging, labor, shipping and operating … If it is a garment … There are lot things that go into pricing a single piece of clothing. So, he should maintain commercial charge to add during costing stage. The buyer will automatically choose from your proposed options. Yarn cost: Yarn cost is an important mater in garments costing. Different types of merchandising in fashion industry can be described in following way. He has great passion in writing different articles on textile and Garments specially on Merchandising and Garment Washing. Costing is the deciding factor of the prices and the important thing to be followed in all important stages like purchase, production, marketing, sales, etc. I complete my graduation on merchandising. Whole Business is fully depends on it. When it comes to garment manufacturing, there are three main costing methods or strategies used, namely, direct costing, absorption costing and activity-based costing (ABC). So, during costing stage a smart merchandiser must concern about embroidery productivity & need to developed alternative embroidery factory. CMT is also a pricing term in the apparel industry. Men’s Solid Pique … Mention different apparel pricing terminology used in the apparel import-export business. He should think & best profits calculate of a factory or company. Men’s Printed Polo shirts, 3. Garments buyers are now invested a lot of money to satisfy the customers by providing the right quality products. Garment costing varies depending on the number of garments. Quality is the ultimate point of a garments product. So, a smart merchandiser need follow below points when he will source fabric & advice to buyer. Please help me. Mention all the terms used in apparel costing. Why need pilot run before bulk production in garments industry ? Garments or apparel or clothing costing is very important in garments merchandising. Your email address will not be published. So, a smart merchandiser should think & dimensional oriented about trims & sourcing. cost needed to make a garment. … Your email address will not be published. Without profit a factory cannot develop or sustain in the market. He should think many important factors for garments costing because he is the proactive person for profit earning. Process cost means the total amount of processing (cutting, sewing, finishing, etc.) Sample type & fitting. Textile costing includes all the activities like purchase of raw materials and accessories, knitting fabrics, processing and finishing of fabrics, sewing and packing of garments, transport and conveyance, shipping, overheads, banking charges and commissions, etc. But I have no experience and also no reference. “Lycra Breakage Cause and Preventive Measure”. Ladies Nightdress, 4. I think one important terms is missing that is – test. The garment industry needs to keep total cost of inventory low, which comprises total ordering cost and total carrying cost. Now what can i do?? A smart merchandiser must be careful about embroidery because sometimes sample has critical embroidery design & production will be slow. In this case, the exporter quotes the buyer with a price that covers FOB cost, insurance cost, and freight cost. Shirt, trouser, sarees, bed spreads, blankets, towels and made ups are woven. Direct Cost (Fabric and Accessories cost) Hence let us take some following styles as examples which are in regular use. He must know below points during costing stage. Buyer specification about the definite product. Pre-production process like the order processing, product development, pattern making and pattern grading, and post-production process such as … If anyone want to be a successful merchandiser then at first what he have to do?? He must need to know below important points. So, I will present what are the factors related for the garments costing. The total cost of inventory is least on a quantity known as the economic order quantity or EOQ (Hergeth, 2002).In dependent demand, where the quantity to be sold per year is known, it is important to order … In garment manufacturing a typical pre-production process is divided into five steps: Five steps of the pre-production process in clothing manufacturing Costing of a garment. I have to prove myself in RMG sector that’s why i need a job …..sir can u help me ? The main product costing methods are: And, he should know what are testing parameters & testing charge of a garment. Process cost, 3. … Currency is an important matter in the garments manufacturing sector. If a garment factory collects the order from a garment buying house or buying agent then he must have to pay them a commission percentage for the order. Cost of making calculation is the important part of a garment. Here is a specimen format of a cost sheet. He should be careful about artwork. Product costs are the costs directly incurred from the manufacturing process. Garments manufacturer pays their worker salaries from this CM. Shipping condition affects on garments costing. Garments Costing for Export Order: For fixation of a garment price of export order followings types of costing should be observed carefully by-1. Job costing (variable costing) considers the materials, labor and overhead costs and maps them to a production process to determine the cost. Men’s Pyjamas, 5. CIF means “Cost, insurance, and freight”. As a result, the CIF cost is higher than the C&F cost. Here, the exporter quotes the price by adding fabric cost, accessories cost, CM (cost of making), overhead cost, commission, C&F commission, and transportation cost from factory to port. Block pattern. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Shipment of products can be done by using sea freight or air freight which is totally depends on the buyers. 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Each of these methods apply to different production and decision environments. In this circumstance, the garments manufacturer quotes the buyer a proposed price which covers the making cost, trimmings, and accessories cot of a garment. The types and requirement of samples will vary from buyer to buyer, but in industry there is a particular order of sampling process followed, the stages and purpose of sample may be same but the terminology used may be different and it totally depends upon buyer. M u h a m m a d S a j j a d ( M e c h a n i c a l E n g i n e e r ) [email protected] Garment Costing Terms Used in Apparel Industry Different terms related to garments costing are mentioned in the following: 1. Order acceptance: If manufacturer is exporting the garment, the costing is base of the business. May God bless you writer. Garments Costing Factors In Apparel Industry. Email: [email protected] The development of design, production execution and sourcing, selling the merchandise to customer and displaying the merchandise at retail shop, these are … Mr. Wheldon defines costing as the classifying, recording and appropriate allocation of expenditure of the determination of the cost of product or services or process. Garment Costing 1 Prof.Dr.S.Kathirrvelu 2. CMT means “Cut make and trims”. Send email: Thank you! How to improve garments productivity by motion study? Some garment factories prefer buying yarns instead of purchasing finished fabric. A smart merchandiser must know wash instructions in buyer reference sample. A Garment costing will bear approx: 35% to 45% price of a total garment cost. Mention some important terms in garment costing. Standard Costing. Fabric description is the very important part for the costing because it is depend on fabric nature & it will changeable during wash & it can be measurement discrepancy after making garments. Unit 6: Garment costing and pricing methods ... from industry to industry. Yarn cost, 2. How to calculate sweater costing in garments industry? Sometimes, shipment can be sea or Air. A Garment costing will bear approx: 35% to 45% price of a total garment cost. Costing is the very important & crucial part of garments sector. An embroidery factory must be near in garments manufacturing. He must to know below important factors for effective garments costing. Garment factories stitched garments in-house and source raw materials such as fabrics, trims and accessories. Generally, SMV indicates the time taken to make garments by the workers using the right types of machinery. A smart merchandiser must be careful about trims what will use in garments. Mayedul Islam is working as a Sr. Merchandiser in a reputed Buying House. Apparel costing in the garment making process is one of the most complex procedures. Kindly check your mailbox and confirm your subscription. So, he needs to add testing charge into costing sheet. d) A detailed cost analysis is made for each garment the final cost is plotted on a “cost … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. He must know below important points. How many parts of a sample. Based on the present apparel industry, garment manufacturing processes are categorized as: ... Costing of garments is the cumulative cost of raw materials, direct labour, as well as, direct and indirect overheads. As there are many different styles in garments, it is not possible here to discuss all the styles. General Terms in Garments & Apparel Sector. Men’s Basic T-shirts, 2. Final costing:- It is an exact calculation by the costing or import department; Using actual figures for fabric, accessories and labour cost; Costing department uses-a) Merchandiser work sheet. Product costing methods are used to assign cost to a manufactured product. ‘ Test is more effective issue to creating the costing. In Garments Industry, Costing is an Important part of a merchandiser. Merchandising Costing: Garment costing is the important issue for an export order execution. This article has presented eight important methods or techniques of textile and apparel … A smart merchandiser must know how to add commercial charge to import & export any goods from aboard. Garment merchandisers have done this job by negotiating with the buyer. And, he also knows how to source. help me please. What do mean by Handloom, Lab Dip, Strike off, and Knit down? Successfully Subscribed. Print factory must be near in garments manufacturing otherwise it can be production hamper & costing will be increase. ... garment. b) A proto type garment. Garment costing ppt 1. Show apparel costing terminology list used in garment export-import business. In the garments factory, you may find that many people used to the SAM – Standard Allowed Minute which is the same as SMV. Buyer negotiation or buyer handling is very important in the readymade garments sector. A smart merchandiser must know what type of print in sample & what is the print cost? He needs to discuss with management what profit % to add into costing sheet. 1. Mention different apparel costing terminology used in the garment export-import business. If you don't see the email within a few minutes, check the spam/junk folder. A smart merchandiser need to know what are testing parameters of the regarding buyer. Common Interview questions in a garments Industry ? He must be careful below points in the following. T-shirts, sweaters, undergarments, pyjamas and socks are knits. I want to establish me in this sector. Job costing and process costing are the two basic methods of costing. Am so happy for readed ur page its very use full me ,thank you somuch. The role of merchandiser is very crucial and demanding in fashion industry. Buyer determined what type of shipment mode. Exelent.20 years before this was impossible to find. So, on the basis he should calculate ship mode charge added into costing sheet. The types of fabrics are: Woven / knitted fabric, power loom /automatic loom fabric, fibre / yarn During costing a merchandiser must careful below points. In CMT manufacturing, apparel buyer pays the manufacturers for the cut-make-trim process. A finished goods manufacturing company if it has knitting, dyeing and garments section then its costing for a product will be different from single manufacturing unit like spinning, knitting or dyeing. How to Control Moisture in Garments Sector . What is the difference between lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch machine ? According to relation with production. In this case, the exporter quotes the garment buyer a price that includes all costs up to and including the delivery of goods aboard an overseas vessel. Accurate yarn … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He must to know below points during souring the fabric. Garment Industry is looking for a sustainable cost analysis solution which can provide actual cost finished goods and to identify whether the industry gained profit out of a particular style or not. Garments costing There are two types of garments, namely woven and knitted garments. The main costing methods available are process costing, job costing and direct costing. He follows below points. Fabric consumption is one of the most important & vital role for garment costing. Graded pattern. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Introduction to costing Cost components Introduction of costing tools Costing techniques in Apparel industry Cost process flow Costing sheet Calculation of Gmt/Kg ratio 2 GEC 3. This type of costing is used primarily by make-to-order production environments.

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