cost of starting a tailoring business in nigeria

In general, POS business thrives in areas where they are limited or no banks or ATMs. Tailoring is one of the numerous business tagged as a small scale industry in Nigeria. Photo Source: 1. Tailoring in recent years have evolved into a big industry in Nigeria. The budget would be N8000 for each mirror. ), etc. The obvious advantage is the constant crowd of people (customers + advertising), while the cost of rent is quite a significant disadvantage. If you have the mind set of an entrepreneur whose objective is identifying an opportunity and building a business around it in order to make profit and meet social needs, then you a home delivery service is an option for you to explore. Irrespective of the type of restaurant, one can start a standard restaurant with less than 1 … 1 Like ; Re: Best … Land-: First, you would need to purchase a good plot of land that would be suitable for farming. As long as humans wear clothes, there will be a need for tailor shops! Primarily, one of the most important things that you will need is a sewing machine as well as tailoring supplies such as threads, sewing needles and buttons. 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The idea of starting a tailoring business in Nigeria and how to go about this is not a strange thing to the people at all. Starting this business you would need to get the necessary training, define your target market. Wondering how to start a tailor shop? If you already have land, then you can start a pig farm with N500,000 to N1 million. Such cupboard can be made by a carpenter or furniture maker and would cost no more than N20,000 depending on the size and quality of wood to be used. Thousands of beginning entrepreneurs started posting free ads on Jiji and achieved their brand recognition and transition to a new level of production and sales in a short time. ), pencil/biro, writing books, drawing sheets, fashion calendars and magazines, comfortable chairs, steel welded standing hangers for finished clothes, one or more dozens of original plastic hangers, one or two thick 2 feet by 4 feet wall mirror (mirrors), a charcoal and electric pressing iron, and have a cupboard for packing of all your tailoring accessories such as; (threads, needles, papers, pencils, biro, books, and tags etc. Using Jiji? This article will open your eyes to this exciting and lucrative business opportunity and how you can make money from it. a hinged semi-automatic machine for straight loops; synthetic fabrics that must be pressed with a special steam iron are being used more and more often. You can choose to make home delivery for grocery, food, gift, pizza, among others. Jiji is here to bring you the hottest news and tips from the world of lifestyle, health, career, tech, beauty, and more! Mating and laying eggs are a vital part of snail … Small Chops Packaging kiosk: Starting a small chops packaging business is a lucrative business idea in Nigeria. Balogun market is another option, but prices there are about N15 - N20 more per yard of material. … lining materials: polyester, twill, viscose. Therefore the fee you charge customers for this service is called convenience fee. How much does it cost to start a tailoring business? Like most business, when starting a tailoring business, the basic cost is an important issue. If nothing sells especially in Nigeria, food will sell. Our business plan will help you to get start-up costs, the types of machines you need, the computer equipment and software, marketing plan to attract customer to your tailoring business. Fashion Designing. How To Make Mango Butter And Top Uses For Skin And Hair, List Of Fast Moving Consumer Goods In Nigeria, Steps To Starting Cryptocurrency Business In Nigeria, What Nigerians Searched For The Most According To Google, Top Foods For Increasing Breast Size Naturally, 7 Fruits You Should Eat Regularly For Glowing Skin, Tecno Camon CM Unboxing And First Impressions, How to sell on Internet: guide for the beginners, Best Creams For Chocolate Skin Color In Nigeria 2019, How To Use Hair Wonder Cream: From A To Z Manual. Small Scale Farming: Farming, depending on which aspect you decide to venture into, could be a low cost business idea to take advantage of. Note: Land & Location are the main determinant over the cost of starting a pig farming. If YES, here are 50 best small scale business ideas & investment opportunities in Nigeria.Starting a business isn’t a luxury but a necessity for anyone whose aim in life is to make good money and become a millionaire fast in Nigeria. You should first go and learn from a successful tailor. One of the amazing parts of this is mastering the skill of sewing isn’t much of a big deal. Fabric sold in Kenya is purchased from Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria. 3.1 Product Description Clinical Lab Coat This is a white overall cloth covering greater percentage of the body. Published March 2, 2018 March 2, 2018. Therefore, how to start a tailoring business in Nigeria is explained in details How to Start a Business . 1. Let’s start with needed raw materials and equipment. Start saving up for it: After writing your business plan and seeing how much would be needed to start the business, the next thing to do is to start getting the capital for it. Read this before you begin your venture. This is one of the reasons why you have got to look at starting a business in Nigeria. an average-sized workshop (20-50 items per day) – $10,000; large tailoring workshop (150-200 items per shift) – at least $150,000. The state (whether highly populated state like Lagos or less populated state). We only publish things you want to read about, so make sure to visit out blog daily to check the latest posts! In this article, I will be providing information on the following – Fast food industry analysis in Nigeria, Cost of setting up a restaurant in Nigeria, Necessary certification or licenses for setting up a fast food restaurant and how to obtain them. You will also need an iron to keep the clothes looking neat and presentable for your clients. You can start with 50k and grow the business or woth 500k so you can buy varieties of materials and tools... Sign in Follow these steps to start a Cattle farming business: 1. Over the past few years, a lot of such companies, having started from scratch, have moved to the level of a small industry. People will always be in need of money for various … The machine usually comes in electric and manual. You can begin with as little as N50,000 (which basically to covers the cost of buying the day-old chicks and feeding them) and get a 100% return on your capital investment within six months. To become a professional tailor and make a good fortune out of it you need to first; know how to sew clothes with different types of sewing machines both the manual type and electrical type. Steel welded standing hangers for finished clothes. Also Read: How To Start A Profitable Business In Nigeria. Many Nigerians are into it, making a good fortune from the business. With Nigeria producing less electricity nationally than a London city consumes. ASK QUESTIONS HERE. The cost of setting up this business may differ greatly or slightly based on the following factors: The location (whether urban or rural area). In this guide, I will show you 10 steps to start home delivery business here in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. Cost Of Building A Poultry Farm In Nigeria. A brand new manual sewing machine costs between N60,000 to N100,000 depending on the brand name which also signifies their quality. Although you are likely going to spend more, it gives you a safe ground to start with. I used this company platform to backup my cocoa beans export business each time my business is running down. Afterwards, you must be able to sew the measured pieces of clothes into the various specified area in the drawing thereby making a complete sewing of the design sent to you as a tailor. House, pls where is the best place to source for Tailoring Materials in bulk in Nigeria? They re costs attached to significant stages or events in the development stage of your business. Measuring tapes (cm, mm, yards, inches, etc.) The size of the business (number of workers needed). This simply means there will continually be a need for clothing in Nigeria. The monthly salary of the experienced tailor, shoemaker, and bag maker may not exceed N30,000 per month for each of them. One of the most popular home business ideas in Nigeria is starting your own tailoring business. In general, POS business thrives in areas where they are limited or no banks or ATMs. Yes you can start a mini supermarket in Nigeria with N2, 000,000.00. Because, as earlier mentioned, you will need some equipment and supplies to run the business. Branding also includes create a logo to signify what your company stands for. Processes and Cost of Starting a Radio or TV Station in Nigeria. Tailor Shop Essentials. Opening a Tailor Shop. Please, subscribe to my email list and follow my social media pages for regular and timely updates. If you love this post please share it with your friends using the social media buttons provided before the comment form. This is also true with tailoring business as you will need some equipment and supplies to run the business. 9. =N50-N200. Install Jiji app and start using all the advantages of the site on your smartphone! For those who are already a profession in tailoring, and want to expand your business, you will need our tailoring business plan and also for those who don’t know how to make dresses, you also need this too. ENGINEERING ALL: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNICAL & INVESTMENT. Tailoring material business is very lucrative. This site helped me a lot!!!! 10). To start a pure water business in Nigeria, you need land, and depending on your … the need for exclusive clothing is increasing; the flexibility of choosing a business system. 6. so the business can function effectively. Interestingly, it doesn’t cost you much apart from taking out time to train your staffs in customer service. In spite of the small profit margins involved, tailors use hundreds of meters of fabric in a month. Those who started with small space: for these people, they must have started this business with very little capital as most of the equipment bought is usually smaller and of lesser standards than those in salons. How To Start A Fitness Center, Gym Membership Business In Nigeria (Step By Step Guide) Looking to start a gym business in Nigeria?This article got you covered! Tailoring Business. So besides the business name registration, let us go further to consider the cost of other materials needed to set up this business on a one-man or small-scale basis. Nigerians desire for light meals like small chops has greatly increased in the past years. A common mistake for new entrepreneurs, but fully addressed in this business plan. We've collected some good advice that is ideal for entrepreneurial folks who are thinking about starting a tailor shop. The truth is that nobody will like to sew his/her cloth with a tailor that will constantly mess up his/her cloth. Our in-depth online export course is specifically designed to help you build a successful export business from scratch IN 90 DAYS WITHOUT LOSING ANY MONEY FROM YOUR INVESTMENTS, GUARANTEED!And in the process, show you how to … Nigeria is a country blessed with human, mineral and natural resources. How can you start a profitable business in tailoring and what do you need for this? I sincerely believe that if you go your own way and listen to your inner voice, you will definitely come where you were going! It is time to find out how to start popcorn business in Nigeria, what kind of equipment do you need for it, and how much you can earn. A sewing machine (or machines) either manual or electric type or both at a time. Make a plan . How to Start Tailoring Material Business in Nigeria 1. Note that the money is a one-time payment but not refundable. And the cost differs depending on the type, the electric type is costlier than sewing machines the cost starts from N200,000 and above. I therefore guarantee you of ample information on how to start tailoring business in Nigeria… The first set are those who will go through apprenticeship experience to learn and later set up their own tailoring … Snails are vegetarians and can be fed with wide varieties of foods such as cabbage, cucumber, mango, banana, eggplant, pear, tomato and paw-paw, cassava, okra leaves or lettuce. The optimal number of people for a mini-enterprise is 23 people. Though local tailors may not be as rich as fashion designers, they also take care of their family and meet other responsibilities through the business. Branding agency helping you stand out among other … A table like this one can be made by a carpenter or furniture maker and would not cost more than N10,000. All the prices depend on the quality, features, and sizes, etc. Therefore tailors tend to be innovative all the time. All the best! Determining the basic costs is an important issue when starting any kind of business. As a matter of fact, Business Start-up Cost analysis or artiulation is very important while planning to start business. Low cost business ideas like this are great for stay-at-home moms. Note: Don’t forget to register your business, Get Nafdac Approval before lauching your business. You don’t have to wait till you are done with the training to start running around for money. “Mama Put” as fondly called is a good business in Nigeria. Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Sachet Water Production Business. Therefore, you it’s a good idea to buy this special equipment ($1,500). Such cupboard can be made by a carpenter or furniture maker and would cost no more than N20,000 depending on the size and quality of wood to be used. A professional fashion designer can carry out designs of clothes for different sizes of people and will be able to create designs that never exist anywhere in the country or in the world yet such may still look great after the final sewing of the design. You must also know that this business takes patient, so you must … But know for sure that your office appearance can affect your customer’s confidence in terms of delivery satisfying jobs. I am a passionate blogger with a keen interest in sharing information for the benefits of everyone. While those making huge money in this business are fashion designers that make expensive fabrics and other material designs for Nollywood stars, Musicians, politicians and other prominent people in the country. All these factors are what determines how much to be put in setting up the business. 3.0 Products off the Tailoring Business Plan in Nigeria. You profit from buying fabric in bulk and subdividing into smaller dimensions for sale to tailors. Our industry experience confirms a longer ramp-up stage for over other retail/manufacturing businesses. What are the basic requirements for starting a sachet water manufacturing business in Nigeria: Here are the estimated cost of starting a sachet water … Of course, you can also open your own store or even a chain of stores. So, if you are interested in starting this business, below are the estimated costs you should analyze and consider. Thanks very much? Step 4 – Feeding and rearing of the snails. Owning a TV or radio station in Nigeria does not come cheap. Also, your staff should have a business card or ID card showing where they work. If it is to be bought from a showroom or imported then it can cost up to N50, 000. standard: sewing dresses, suits, outerwear; sewing tablecloths, curtains, covers, etc. Well, I am sure you are reading this because you want to learn how to start a tailoring business. POS Business in Nigeria: How to start in 2019. Food Vendor Service. Fast food restaurants are usually the most expensive and tasking to start. Primarily, one of the most important things that you will need is a sewing machine as well as tailoring supplies such as threads, sewing needles and buttons. The main technological … Starting a home sewing business can give you more freedom over your work hours and projects, but it will take some effort and knowledge to set up properly. Obtain the necessary financing for your business,for instance, as of the year 2016 a palm oil processing machine which can process 400 to 500 pounds, costs around $70,000. Count the cost of their feeding, medications and other expenses. The country has an estimated 198 million people and her population is expected to rise to 250 million by 2050. Like most business, when starting a tailoring business, the basic cost is an important issue. DROP YOUR OWN ANSWER HERE ! The prices can be … The cost of obtaining an office differs from place to place, you can have an office as low as N24,000 per in rural areas or as high as N280,000 per year in urban areas, note that the site of these offices in each location will always affect the cost irrespective of the place i.e. First steps of popcorn business in Nigeria. Though a minimal start-up cost is required, you need to draft a comprehensive business plan and do a thorough research on what type of deliveries you want to venture into. Over the past few years, a lot of such companies, having started from scratch, have moved to … However, this will require significant additional funding that may not be available at first. Poultry Farming Business Plan Start-up cost analysis is most important for your business smooth take off. RECENT QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Although the business is among the most lucrative in Nigeria at the moment, there is so much more involved in starting and implementing your plans. Great!!!! Other than a sewing machine, items like scissors, needles, measuring and masking tapes, pins, pincushions, water and iron sprayer, thimble, threaders, threads, rulers, pattern weights, glue, … These are the requirements and cost of starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria. whether urban or rural area. Let hundreds of thousands of potential customers find out about your products and services: install updated Jiji app to buy and sell easier, faster & more convenient! The cost of small production room which can be any location including your backyard should be within N200,000 per year. Starting up a tailoring business in Nigeria without carrying out a proper feasibility study reduces the chances of success of the business. The prices of the listed items below are not fixed price. Weaving machines are used in sealing up the edges of the two sides of clothes joined together by sewing machine. Do you want to start a business in Nigeria with low capital? two people engaged in wet-heat treatment. Cost of building a poultry farm in Nigeria. All these prices depend on the features and ranges in each of the types of chairs. This is also true with tailoring business as you will need some equipment and supplies to run the business. Nigeria is without doubt the most populous black nation in the world. You will need different types of fabrics: You will also need some lining materials: It is obligatory to allocate a certain amount of money for the purchase of professional fittings and threads. I therefore guarantee you of ample information on how to start tailoring business in Nigeria, its requirements and obstacles. We take you step-by-step from start to success. In order to minimize the downtime of machines and premises, 2 brigades of 10 people can work in shifts. Find the best offers! The materials listed and cost quoted is for a single individual who wishes to set up tailoring workshop. Capital and Land are the necessary requirement for this business. Tailoring business is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria if you are a good designer. Secondly; you must have good knowledge of measurements and be able to transfer drawn designs made in a paper into plain clothes by cutting the clothes into pieces according to the sizes each measurement gives in that drawing. so you can be able to see, Meet designed fabrics’ high selling boutiques and discuss prices they sell and. Believe it or not, that's where most cloth traders in Lagos get stock from. Like every other business depends on a business plan, you need to plan every aspect of your tailoring business to make it a profitable venture. The financial cost of doing business in Nigeria can be staggering, but you’ll have to be prepared as they come. I got to know about this when I was asking one of my friends that started the business alongside her tailoring business. Although, we seem to have given you a step by step guide but it’s not really as smooth sailing as shown … Never forget to have complementary cards usually shared with your customers and, Try to be attending social gatherings such as weddings, birthdays, churches, burials, and carnivals, etc. This is a very popular business that requires very minimal capital to start up but some level of know-how. Decide the number of the cattle you want to start with depending on the capital you have on ground. This company platform is where so many business dealers from all over the world generate fund that backup their various businesses financially. Tailoring business opportunities you can start from home. ENGINEERINGALL: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNICAL, AND INVESTMENTS, THE COST OF STARTING TAILORING BUSINESS IN NIGERIA, Special home robot for people with disabilities hits the robot market, FEATURES OF OIL PUMP & ITS IMPACT IN CRANKSHAFT OPERATIONS. And this is because of high numbers of fashion designers i.e. However, if you wish to set up this business but don’t have enough money to purchase all the listed items, you can cut cost by leaving some behind and going for more relevant items & also going for cheaper brands in the market. There are only 3 ways to sell the product in this business: the Internet, local shops and markets. If you want to go into tailoring business, There are so many company platform this days like that will enable you as a beginner to raise the fund you need to start up your tailoring business without you seeking for a loan. Your email address will not be published. However, you can as well feed snails with pineapple, banana or paw paw. In this piece, we’ll be bringing you a detailed guide on how to set up a gym centre in Nigeria.. As the saying goes, “Health is wealth”, and one of the major ways of living a healthy life is via regular fitness and exercise.However, … Tailoring is … If that is your goal, then consider learning how to design clothes for your customers or for sale. I love to always be in the epicenter of the events, and then tell the world about it in the most diverse forms.I believe that many rules are created in order to break them in an attempt to create something new.Many of us sometimes need to stop for a moment, perhaps lose something in order to rethink our existence and understand in which direction we need to move.In addition to blogging, I am fond of music composing, traveling, self-studying and meditation. Starting a business in Nigeria isn’t for the faint hearted. It must be a well trafficked place. Therefore the fee you charge customers for this service is called convenience fee. While electric sewing can be obtained by having a small electric motor attached to the flywheel of the manual sewing machine and such motor costs between N20,000 to N40,000 depending on the RPM of the electric motor. This is because designing and making the design suits your customers’ demand will always boost the confidence to do more. Estimated Cost Breakdown to Start a Pure Water Business in Nigeria. So this makes selling tailoring materials a very lucrative business especially when it is done either on a small scale or large scale.

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